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Under Pressure

We kept it fairly under the radar, but I had an appointment with a neurologist here in town a few weeks ago.  Throughout the summer I’ve had a smattering of headaches and some point tenderness at my surgical site.  My OB thought it warranted a trip to the neuro just to make sure there was nothing going on with the Chiari.

Thankfully, the neurologist doesn’t believe for an instance that it’s Chiari related.  Instead he believes they are probably pregnancy induced and exacerbated by not being able to take any typical migraine meds for them.  He started me on magnesium and riboflavin supplements as a preventative measure to see if it was deficiency related.

The supplements haven’t seemed to make much difference but it’s become increasingly apparent to us that these headaches are weather related.  I had suspicions early on that was the case.  After 2 horrible headaches in the last week, on days with almost identical weather patterns, my suspicions are pretty well confirmed.

It seems as though I get headaches when we have a change in weather blow through.  Especially when we have high winds bringing in a storm front.  My guess is that it’s the change in barometric pressure that is triggering the pain.

Perhaps they’d be easily managed with my normal meds, but for now I’m trying to combat them with fluids, tylenol, sudafed and a pain pill (per the approval of both my OB and neurologist) when they get bad.  Hopefully fall will make its final appearance soon and these weather changes will stabilize.


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