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I’m opening an online store on Etsy.

Right now I’m shooting for an opening date of May 15th.  This could be pushed back to June 1st depending on how much stuff I get sewn in the next couple of weeks.  (When I thought about doing this I neglected to remember the launch would coincide with getting my garden planted, spring yard work, getting the trailer open for the summer camping season, etc. After a couple of days of internal struggle I decided to start anyways while the ideas were still fresh.)

I’m excited, nervous and excited.  Very excited.  And nervous.
I love being able to sew again.  I love seeing pieces come together.  I love seeing the recipient’s reaction.  But it terrifies me as well that they won’t like what I made, that they will only see the imperfections.
If I take this leap it turns out disastrously, at least I’ll have gifts for all my favorite little girls on hand.

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6 Months

Today marks the 6-month anniversary of my decompression surgery.  Six months!

Before surgery I hoped that at this point I’d be finding myself getting back to the person I knew before.  I was being optimistic that 6 months of recovery would put me in a good place.  I’d never in my wildest dreams expected to be where I am today.

I’ve come so much further than I ever hoped to.  Well, I hoped to come this far, but was trying to be realistic in my wishes.  I wanted to be able to function again.  I wanted to be able to enjoy my life and family again.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anymore that I’ve been 100% headache free but the couple that I have had were easily treatable and weather-related.  It appears as though my newly decompressed brain likes it’s space and doesn’t appreciate weird weather patterns that cause fluctuations in barometric pressure (all of the headaches coincide with a drastic change in weather, usually storms).  On a whim, we tried a medication dosage that I used to take in High School and it’s done wonders at getting rid of the pain quickly.  And cheaply — $5 for 9 pills, compared to the hefty price tag of $57 for 9 pills of the previous medicine.

So even though I’m not completely headache free, this is a hell of a lot better than I was 6 months and 1 day ago.    I will take it, no questions asked.

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