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A Measure of Success

Some days, I think it’s hard for me to be grateful about how successful the surgery was. Don’t get me wrong. I am beyond thankful but in my day to day life I forget how far I’ve come in almost 5 months.

Certain instances are what bring everything to light and remind me how lucky I am.  Instances like this:

I made this dress yesterday for Kate.  Six months ago there’s no way I could have sat at the sewing machine to even attempt such a project.  I would have felt horrible during, immediately after and probably the following day as well.  Yesterday I felt perfectly fine as I worked; I felt perfectly fine after I finished the project; this morning I woke up feeling normal.

To me, that’s a huge example of how amazing my recovery has been and the epitome of why I wanted to go ahead with the surgery.  It feels fantastic to be able to do the things I love.


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