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2nd Opinion

Upon the suggestion of a couple of friends (and based upon the recommendation of some others), I scheduled an appointment with another Ears/Nose/Throat doctor here in town to get another opinion. 

His believes without a doubt, I will see relief from headaches (he can’t guarantee 100%) by opting to go ahead and have surgery.  Not only are there numerous cysts in one sinus cavity, I also have a “horribly” deviated septum and what appears to be chronic sinusitis in the cavity opposite the cysts.  He said that it wasn’t any wonder why I was having headaches in response to weather changes.

This appointment made me question whether the first doctor even looked at the MRI images or just read the radiology report as it never mentioned anything other than a single cyst.

Right now, I’m set for surgery on September 16th.   I’m beginning to feel like I should apply for a frequent flyer discount.  😉


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